Welcome to Mzanzi Open Source Solutions.


With our experience in both voice and  data industries, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best of all available solutions, together, if required with our in house developed solutions, to provide you with your needs. Our focused approach to turnkey solutions and in house development skills allow us to deliver applications seamlessly and to support them.

Our IP PBX platform and application server solutions have been developed and moulded over the past thirteen years, resulting in a feature rich offering catering for all advanced telephony requirements.  These range from inbound, outbound and blended call centre solutions, Voice logging requirements, Automatic call distribution applications, and Routing requirements and all features to ensure a more efficient and productive working environment. 

In our experience, we have come to realise that a standard ISP cannot provide a client with the correct solutions required for a company to take advantage of all the latest technologies and data services.  It is to this end that we have established ourselves in the market to firstly identify the ideal working environment for a business, then through our stringent Methodology implement the required components to enhance productivity and save money.